March 6, 2024

Announcing RockWallet PRO — Centralized Exchange Functions for BSV Digital Asset Trading Right in the RockWallet App

Announcing RockWallet PRO — Centralized Exchange Functions for BSV Digital Asset Trading Right in the RockWallet App

Vilnius, Lithuania, March 5, 2024 – RockWallet, makers of the self-custodial, multi-currency wallet that makes it easy to buy, use, store and trade digital assets quickly and securely, announced the launch of RockWallet PRO today. RockWallet PRO enables international customers (outside the U.S. and Canada) to access centralized exchange functions and advanced trading features for BSV pairs directly from their RockWallet app.

Users who download the latest RockWallet self-custody app will have access to RockWallet PRO in a few clicks. It provides a marketplace to trade three initial spot BSV pairs and includes enhanced price discovery, trading graphs and trading analysis tools. Other benefits include:

  • BSV Zero Confirmations- No more waiting to trade your BSV. Deposit BSV into RockWallet PRO instantly with zero confirmations.
  • Strong Liquidity for BSV Trading Pairs- Currently offering three trading pairs: BSV/USDC, BTC/BSV, and ETH/BSV. We provide a market to create deep liquidity so you can trade with ease.
  • No Withdrawal Fees on BSV- Say goodbye to withdrawal fees and keep more of your profits with RockWallet PRO.

“We are pleased to offer our international customers new and convenient centralized exchange functions for spot BSV trading right in the RockWallet app with the launch of RockWallet PRO,” said Steve Bailey, Co-Founder and President of RockWallet. “Zero confirmation BSV deposits so you can begin trading immediately, deep liquidity for BSV trading pairs, and no-fee withdrawals make RockWallet PRO a very welcome offering for both our existing and new customers looking for a better trading experience.”

Existing customers verified on the RockWallet app will receive instantaneous access to RockWallet PRO. It is seamlessly integrated with RockWallet’s self-custody wallet, so that you can send funds to and from RockWallet PRO in a few clicks.

RockWallet PRO is in the RockWallet self-custodial app, which is now available in the Apple iOS and Google Play stores.

RockWallet PRO is currently available to international customers, excluding Canada, the United States, and other select countries outlined here. 


RockWallet is a financial technology company made up of people who think differently about how digital assets can be managed, accessed, and used. We believe in the transformational capabilities of blockchain technology with the vision for anyone to access and thrive in the digital economy. Our mission is to help clients make the most of the opportunities available by building products that empower people to navigate digital asset usage and invest easily, securely, and confidently.

RockWallet’s self-custodial, multi-currency wallet puts clients in charge of their digital assets, and our mobile-first app makes it easy to buy, use, store, and swap the top cryptocurrencies quickly, all in one place. RockWallet is built on the BRD open-source code — the first and best mobile digital asset wallet — and has been trusted by millions since 2014. For more information, visit


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