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May 29, 2024

Getting Everything This Christmas — With Crypto

Getting Everything This Christmas — With Crypto

Holiday Shopping With Crypto: A Guide

Christmas is just around the corner — just six more sleeps!

Christmas gifters feeling consternation have new opportunities to surprise the people in their lives with presents bought with cryptocurrency. There are also ATMs on American streets and a lot of other infrastructure and exchange possibilities.

You can buy quite a number of Christmas gifts with digital currencies, too, so get out your crypto wallet. Let's look at some of the major retailers who take cryptocurrencies in payment and options for people who want to tackle their Christmas list with a stocking full of cryptocurrencies this season. 

How to Pay With Crypto


This mega-retailer accepts crypto in payment. In fact, it's coming up on a decade since Overstock first started taking payment in BTC in 2014, and shoppers have lots of choices on the platform. Surprise your recipient with a television, a cool duvet, or a Corvus Braff Velvet Upholstered Adjustable Ergonomic Office Chair — the list goes on! Take advantage of clearance deals, too, to get more for your coin. 


This is, for many people, the big one. More than a few of us are used to using Amazon for our entire Christmas list and simply repackaging the boxes when they show up on the porch.

The bad news is that Amazon doesn't yet account for direct crypto payments with anything like the single-click process that you can use for a stored credit card.

The good news is that services like Purse and Bitrefill make it easy to buy gifts on Amazon and pay with crypto. In fact, Bitrefill and other top tools unlock this opportunity for nearly any retailer that will accept the platform’s cards loaded with crypto value. You can click away, play Santa with your crypto, and refill as necessary. 

CheapAir and Expedia

Want to gift your friend or family member a flight ticket? Maybe your Christmas present is to get them to where you are or to somewhere else around the world, in the kind of tradition we call “experience gifting” where instead of things, you’re giving opportunities. 

In this case, some of the best discount airline platforms also accept cryptocurrency payments directly. CheapAir is one option, and then there's Expedia, where the latter’s much-touted cross-carrier search engine used to be one of the best ways to use crypto. Unfortunately, Expedia has recently dropped this policy. 

Newegg, Dell, and Xbox

When it comes to technology, certain brand names have been among the early adopters of crypto payment acceptance — and some shopping with crypto would say that’s very much to their credit, as we’re likely to see more merchants jump on board each year. 

Newegg is one platform that has lots of gear on hand, where you can buy with your BTC or other cryptocurrencies. In fact, NewEgg’s site reveals that users can even use Shiba Inu or related “dog coins” for payments. For console gaming, Xbox is another crypto accepter, and desktop authority Dell has also added this functionality to its stores.


Another option is to look at broader online e-commerce systems that let you purchase from individual small sellers. Here, Shopify is the standout example — Etsy and other competitors have not yet added the same kinds of crypto functionality in the same way that Shopify has, making it a crypto-friendly place to shop. There’s a wide range of gift products available on this platform, too, as a home for an estimated 1.7 million businesses, which is making this new contender more of a household name in eCommerce. 

Christmas Crypto and Crypto Wallets

If you're the type who believes people like to shop for themselves, you can skip all of the above and send your crypto enthusiast coins directly to their wallet. Alternatively, you can gift them a hardware wallet for Christmas, and they can fill it up themselves.

That's one thing that cryptocurrency has made abundantly easy — transferring value that used to be transferred by cash or conventional bank-verified credit.

With crypto, there's no card, no cash, and no traditional bank at all. The unique consensus model and instant verification are part of what has attracted people to this kind of new digital money. That, plus insulation from things like inflation and Federal Reserve activity, is making people more enthusiastic about the overall value of crypto in general. 

Register for a crypto wallet today to get involved in this new market space easily and conveniently, at Christmas or any time of the year. Take advantage of specialized tools and join a community that’s excited about what crypto can do for all of us, January through December. 

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