May 28, 2024

RockWallet Adds ACH Electronic Bank Transfer Capability To Its Self-Custodial App

RockWallet Adds ACH Electronic Bank Transfer Capability To Its Self-Custodial App

Just one month on from its timely debut, RockWallet – the self-custodial, multicurrency wallet that makes it quick and easy to buy, use, store, and swap popular digital assets – has added electronic bank transfer capability to provide customers with another way to purchase digital assets through its mobile wallet app. As many crypto holders are moving away from traditional centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, the launch of RockWallet comes as welcome news for those determined to take charge of their digital assets and avoid the risks associated with third-party custodians.  

After a simple onboarding process, RockWallet customers can ‘swap’ between the top digital currencies, including BSV (popular for expediting nano payments and near-instant peer-to-peer transactions for extremely low fees) or ‘buy’ with a debit or credit card. And US customers will now be able to link their checking accounts to their wallets to purchase digital assets directly through ACH electronic bank transfer1. For now, customers can buy USDC tokens via bank transfer, which they can swap for other top currencies through the app.

RockWallet has partnered with Plaid – the trusted, global open banking platform – to connect customers’ bank accounts to their wallets. Plaid supports all major USA banks.


Steve Bailey, Chief Operating Officer at RockWallet said:

“The addition of ACH electronic bank transfer is a big deal for us because it gives our customers greater power of choice for how they purchase digital assets while safe in the knowledge that their finances are secure.

At RockWallet, our goal is to help people make the most of the opportunities available in the digital asset economy by building products that open up access and empower them to navigate digital asset usage easily, securely, and with confidence. And that includes providing a range of secure payment options.”  

In addition to this new payment option, RockWallet has increased its daily swap limit to $20,000 USD for customers who have successfully completed level 2 account verification (which simply requires customers to provide a photo of a government-issued ID along with a selfie).  

Steve continues:

“RockWallet has many exciting new product developments planned for 2023, including more secure payment options – follow us on Twitter, or sign-up for the latest product news via our website.”

For more information on how to purchase digital assets through RockWallet’s electronic bank transfer feature, visit our Wallet FAQs/Buying Digital Assets. RockWallet is available to download in the iOS and Google Play stores. For more information, visit  


1ACH (Automated Clearing House) transfers are a secure and efficient way to transfer funds and are commonly used for online banking and other financial transactions.  

RockWallet Key Features

  • A mobile-first, self-custodial wallet built on BRD open source  
  • State-of-the-art security and key storage  
  • Store, buy, use, and swap top digital assets
  • Tokens supported currently to swap and buy: BSV, BTC, USDC, ETH, BCH, SHIB, and USDT
  • Additional tokens supported for storing, sending, and receiving: BAT, LINK, LRC, XRP, and ZRX
  • Easy to use and fast to set up  
  • Purchase digital assets with a debit/credit card or via electronic bank transfer by linking your checking account (US only)  
  • Low fees  
  • Money service business (MSB) registration with FinCEN

About RockWallet

RockWallet is a financial technology company made up of people who think differently about how digital assets can be managed, accessed, and used.  

We believe in the transformational capabilities of blockchain technology. Our vision is for anyone to be able to access and thrive in the digital economy. It’s our mission to help you make the most of the opportunities available by building products that empower people to navigate digital asset usage easily, securely, and with confidence.  

Our self-custodial, multicurrency wallet puts you in charge of your digital assets. RockWallet’s mobile-first app makes it easy to buy, use, store, and swap the top cryptocurrencies quickly, all in one place. Rock confident it’s secure.  

RockWallet is built on the established and secure BRD open-source wallet platform – the first mobile digital asset wallet – trusted by millions since 2014. The app also utilizes your mobile device’s state-of-the-art security features.  


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