May 29, 2024

RockWallet Unveils Major Update: Introducing Instant ACH for Crypto Purchases and Crypto-to-USD Selling

RockWallet Unveils Major Update: Introducing Instant ACH for Crypto Purchases and Crypto-to-USD Selling

WILMINGTON, Del., Aug. 31 2023 — RockWallet, the pioneering self-custodial wallet platform, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking update that brings an array of exciting features to crypto enthusiasts. This update further solidifies RockWallet's commitment to delivering a seamless and empowering crypto experience to its users. Available now on both Android and iOS, the new features promise to transform the way users buy, sell, and manage their crypto assets.

“We are excited to introduce this major update to the RockWallet platform,” says Steve Bailey, President of RockWallet. “Featuring the game-changing Crypto-to-USD feature, this update reaffirms our commitment to providing users with innovative solutions that simplify their crypto experience. The ability to seamlessly convert crypto assets into USD directly within the RockWallet app opens up new avenues for financial freedom and flexibility. We believe this feature will empower users to make the most of their crypto assets while maintaining control over their financial decisions.”

Instant ACH: Effortless Crypto Purchases, Now at Your Fingertips

RockWallet's latest update introduces the highly anticipated Instant ACH feature, revolutionizing the process of buying cryptocurrencies. This feature enables users across the United States to purchase crypto assets instantly using their ACH bank transfers. By leveraging the power of Instant ACH, users can seamlessly convert traditional currency into their favorite cryptocurrencies, all within the familiar and secure RockWallet environment.

Crypto-to-USD Selling: Unleash the Power of Your Crypto Assets

RockWallet users can now unlock the potential of their crypto holdings by easily selling their assets for USD. This feature provides a convenient and secure way for users to convert their cryptocurrencies into traditional currency whenever they need to. The introduction of Crypto-to-USD Selling adds an extra layer of flexibility to the RockWallet ecosystem, empowering users with greater control over their financial decisions.

Accessible to US Residents: Pioneering Crypto Innovation Within Reach

Instant ACH and Crypto-to-USD Selling features are initially available exclusively to users residing in the United States. RockWallet's dedication to compliance and user security ensures that these new functionalities adhere to the highest regulatory standards, creating a trustworthy environment for users to explore the world of crypto with confidence.

Elevating User Experience: Now on Android and iOS

With this major update, RockWallet continues its mission to provide a comprehensive and user-friendly platform. The new features are accessible through both the Android and iOS versions of the RockWallet app, making it easy for users to embrace the world of crypto, regardless of their preferred mobile operating system.

About RockWallet

RockWallet is a cutting-edge self-custodial wallet platform designed to empower individuals to safely and confidently navigate the world of cryptocurrencies. With a user-centric approach, RockWallet combines security, convenience, and innovation to offer a holistic crypto management experience. Founded on the principles of empowerment and accessibility, RockWallet continues to drive the adoption of cryptocurrencies by delivering user-focused solutions.

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